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Pahdo: A Decade in Sound - Nogymx's Journey

Hey there, space cowboys! I'm thrilled to share the tale behind my latest album -'Pahdo'.

Photo courtesy: Jiyun Hwang


The Beginnings

The journey began in the quaint town of Kinvara, Co. Galway, Ireland, where my love of music took root against the backdrop of a small yet vibrant village. Growing up, acquired a taste for the ever-changing landscape of hip hop. My music endeavors started with making beats on my laptop on the dining room table of our countryside home, uploading to YouTube and hoping for the best.

A few weeks before Christmas in 2010, our beautiful mom passed away suddenly next to that very same dining room table. She left behind 4 heartbroken children, but a soul like hers never really vanishes. It wasn't until a few weeks later that I discovered her last gift to me - a 48-key midi keyboard hidden away in the shed next to our house. For the next 3 years, I found solace and a means of expression within those keys. Fueled by both heartbreak and newfound energy, I decided to venture across the word to South Korea for a year, which eventually evolved into a decade of experiences, growth, and musical exploration.

Pahdo: The Ebb and Flow of a Decade

Why 'Pahdo'? Meaning 'Waves" in Korean (파도), it encapsulates the ebb and flow of the past ten years - a journey through life, culture, and nostalgia. Living in Korea, learning about its culture, and immersing myself in its rich musical traditions have undoubtedly left a mark on my sound. This album mirrors my journey, a testament to the influence of a place that's been both a muse and a home away from home. I can't help but also reflect on how my Irish roots have entwined with the soulful rhythms of Korea, birthing a sound that feels like a conversation between both worlds.

Behind Every Note, a Story

Each track on 'Pahdo' is a chapter, a sonic diary entry, sharing glimpses of experiences, emotions, and inspirations that have colored my life in these last 10+ years. Venturing from that small seaside town in Ireland through the heartbreak of loss across borders to Korea, 'Pahdo' is a checkpoint, a pause to reflect on the path so far, and a glimpse into the musical odyssey that lies ahead. The journey that began with those 48 keys isn't over, but the echoes of those keys have evolved into the more intricate beats and melodies that define 'Pahdo'.

- Nogymx


Pahdo is out now on all streaming platforms!

Album artwork by: Niall Craven -

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