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  • Seamus Oduinn

Discover the world of Eien crafted by lofi beatmaker, Nogymx, enhanced by the sound of Tape

Nogymx takes us further into the mysterious world of Eien where lofi beats and chill electronic merge to excite and soothe, Eien's Fable. His 7th album also marks his first foray into the warm world of tape with 50 limited edition cassettes available now.

"Though they are gone from our forest, there is no time to greave. Remember those who have passed, and they will forever live on." - Ori & the Blind Forest



Irish-born South Korea-based producer and composer, Nogymx is best-known for his atmospheric chill instrumentals often featuring sounds inspired by his 8+ years in Korea. 

Known at home as Jimmy Dunne, the now 31-year-old Irishman is back with his 7th full-length album, Eien's Fable. Following on from his 2020 hit, Ancient Forests, Jimmy takes the listener further into the mysterious world where lofi beats and chill electronic merge to excite and soothe at every turn.



Eien's Fable takes off from where Nogymx's 2020 album, Ancient Forests, left off, deep in the strangely alluring ancient woods. You Encounter the Gatekeeper who tells you tales of Eien, a civilization all but forgotten, guarded by the many other unique Spirits of Eien. You are here in a land unimaginably different from yours, yet as you walk in their footsteps, you are hit with a stirring sense of unexpected nostalgia for a place you have never been. Embraced by the warmth of the rain, glimpses of the past flood your mind, transporting you to a place beyond time. As the world shapes itself around you, you draw parallels between this world and yours, realizing why you are here. Eien's story lives on in you, in the heart of the music.


Side A:



In Their Footsteps

Glimpses of the Past (w/ Daniele Raciti)

Coral Bells

Beyond Time

Spirit of Eien

Side B:

Warmth of the Rain

Rejuvenate (w/ Matchbox Youth)




Forest's Lullaby


Jimmy is joined on the album with long-time collaborators, Daniele Raciti (Italy) and Matchbox Youth (Ireland) who both lend a hand to help blend their own unique sounds with the recognizable sonic palette of the Irishman.

Original artwork by Niall Craven

Eien's Fable is out now on Tape and all digital mediums.

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