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Behind the Music

"no gimmicks"

Jimmy Dunne, known as Nogymx, is an Irish-born EFL professor who moonlights under his dual identity as a prolific producer based in South Korea. Renowned for his signature smooth and ethereal soundscapes, Nogymx masterfully guides his listeners to a realm of pure chill hip-hop bliss.


Producing hip hop beats on the dining room table of his family home, the former "No Gimmicks" underwent a rebranding resulting in a name that's frequently mispronounced yet memorable. Drawing inspiration from luminaries such as Emancipator; Nujabes; Uyama Hiroto; Marcus D, and described by Stereofox Records as “floating in a cross-genre sweet-spot that splits the difference between Bonobo and Freddie Joachim”, Nogymx has crafted a distinctive sound that beautifully marries nostalgia and forward-thinking innovation.


Supported by influential platforms like Nialler9, Lofi Girl, Chill Beats, Stereofox, Hip Dozer, The Jazz Hop Cafe, and more, the Irish artist has amassed a staggering 80+ million streams across all platforms, and has secured a place in over 200,000 user playlists.


However, the spotlight is now on Nogymx's forthcoming masterpiece, Pahdo 파도 This album is not just a musical endeavor but a commemoration of a decade spent in South Korea and a decade of sonic exploration since his first album. Pahdo (meaning "Waves" in Korean) promises to be a milestone in his career, featuring collaborations with some of the genre's best. The album is poised to showcase Nogymx's remarkable ability to craft intricate beats, weave lush electronic textures, and infuse a touch of nostalgia, offering an immersive listening experience that's bound to captivate audiences. Set to be released in the Februray 2024, Pahdo signifies a decade of musical evolution and celebrates Nogymx's enduring legacy in the world of music.



Suwon, South Korea


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