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cassette tape & vinyl

Pre-order my upcoming album, PAHDO, on vinyl, or double-down on the retro vibe and grab a copy of EIEN'S FABLE on cassette tape. 

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About Nogymx

Music Producer

Firstly, I am a music producer from Ireland, currently living in South Korea. I have been making chill instrumental hip hop on and off since I was 16 but for the last 3 years, I have been taking the art more seriously. My sound has influences from many places. One of which has been my time in Korea with the traditional instruments of East Asia appearing a lot in my productions.



Using my music

Can I use your music in my videos?

Of course. My music is protected by YouTube's ContentID system, however, so you cannot monetize those videos. If you wish to, please contact me directly.

Can I play your music on my Twitch stream?

Yep! All my music is free-to-use on Twitch streams. Please credit me if you do, though.

How can I credit you in my videos or streams?

Music by: Nogymx


Press Kit

Download my EPK below

If you're an editor, blogger, or just want more of me, I've prepared a nice little press kit for you to download with some information about me, my music, and some photos.


Want to learn more about Nogymx, their music and their availability? Get in touch. 한국말도 가능

Suwon, South Korea, 16445

+82 10 9819 0914

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